Embroidered Personalized
Christmas Stockings

Personalized, home knit,
100% wool  Christmas stockings
These are the best stockings ever!
No snags inside!

Nordic, Traditional, and Pet Styles
can have embroidered personalization

Check out what we have
available today for quick embroidery!

12 Traditional
6 Nordic

nordic style stocking
2 Sizes
for Pets
Personalized Dog and Cat Christmas Stockings http://www.specialtiesinwool.com/styles/pets/

We also have some stockings where:

  • Maybe we made an extra stocking
  • or misspelled a name or knitted in the wrong color.¬†
  • Sometimes a flaw gets invisibly repaired

Maybe you want to check a list of stockings we have in stock… already made up with somebody’s name on them.

Maybe you’ll be lucky and find a great deal on a the perfect stocking for you!

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Use them on your tree or personalize gifts or places at the table