Special Limited Time 4-Ornament Packs

Assorted 4 ornament packWhat a find! More ornaments!

While re-organizing last summer, I came across a big ole popcorn tin filled with finished ornaments that we had pushed into hiding back in the day.

Teeny pairs of striped sox, tassled earflap hats, ice skates with paperclip skate blades, and 4” stocking ornaments with designs from the traditional stocking borders….angels, hearts, sledders, trees, snowflakes.

So we’re combining them into packages of 4

Ornament Assortments:

  A pair of skates, a pair of striped sox, an earflap hat, and a stocking ornament.
Colors vary. We pick the assortment, but there will be one of each!

Just $24.00
That’s the same price we charged back before the turn of the century!
Get them while they last.

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