100% Wool, 100% Vermont Home-Knit
Christmas stockings from

Specialties in Wool

Our snag proof stockings keep small and pokey things from getting caught on the way in or on the way out.

First rate Christmas presents for the
special people you know
and for people you don't know yet!
Get a stocking to keep on hand!

30 stocking designs in 5 styles

Kids with Christmas stockings from Specialties in Wool

Since 1980 we've enjoyed knitting stockings for families who delight in the magic of Christmas stocking tradition.

A "cottage industry," we each work from our own home in Vermont to carefully knit each heirloom quality stocking which is designed to be used and loved year after year for a lifetime and more. Customers tell us that their beloved Christmas stocking looks as good this year as it did when they bought it back in the 80's.