Frequently Asked Questions
About Ordering Christmas Stockings

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Q.What is the shipping charge?

A. Shipping rates are based losley on weight

1-2 Stockings ship for $10.25
3-7 Stockings ship for $14.75
8-10 Stockings ship for $30.25

Up to 20 ornaments ship for the base rate of $8.75

Q: What happened to the Nordics?

A: A young entrepreneur and new owner happened. Read more about Suzann here. Wanting to offer the same heirloom quality wool knit Christmas stockings, but not over promise during the first year, the decision was made to start out with what she already excelled in making. So we’re offering only the Traditional and Pet styles, and the embroidered ornaments. Getting her feet under her, she’ll expand to the Nordic line next year. Good things are worth waiting for.

Q.How many letters can I have on one Christmas stocking?

A. We can knit 8 letters into a stocking before the letters begin to wrap around and show on the backside.  Embroidered letters can be some what narrowed and widened, so up to 16 letters on the face of the stocking.  See Personalization.

Q.What color will personalization be?

A. Personalization is the same color as the personalization or diamond pattern shown on the enlarged photo of the design you chose.  If you want a different color, include that information in the “Notes for us” section at checkout.

Q. Can you personalize a stocking which has an accent mark above a letter?

A. No problem! If the personalization is to be embroidered, it will be automatic. If the personalization is knit in, we hand embroider the accent mark after the stocking is knit.

Q. It’s almost Christmas!  What’s the current delivery time on stockings?

Our last ship date is December 17, 2020.

We ship by USPS Priority Mail. In 2020, the mail was tough in particular locations around the country.  Though we’ve been working with USPS customer service for small business, I believe this year we will default to FedEx more often in hopes of avoiding the 3-6 weeks we had along the east coast last year.  But if a blizzard delays the USPS, it will also delay UPS and FedEx, because they all use the same planes which are grounded in blizzards.

Q.  How will I know if you received my order?

A. If you order online, you should receive e-mail receipt within 24 hours. If you don’t receive a receipt, we may not have received your order. Please call 802-229-9427 for verification.

Q. How can I tell if your cranberry will work with my red? My Christmas decorations are a very specific color of red.

A. We are happy to send you color swatches of our yarn colors. Please use our  contact form to ask.  We’ve used the same recipe for Cranberry since 1980, but a different herd of sheep will alter the tone of the color a bit.