What makes a truly wonderful Christmas stocking?

It’s the details that set Specialties in Wool
apart from the rest:

Top notch construction details and customer service

Our stockings are 100% Wool!

Wool knits to a strong and flexible fabric. We knit with smaller yarn than a hand-knit stocking.  The holes made by our stitches are smaller so things doesn’t push through the weave.  The tighter knit hangs from the mantel nicely when empty and awaiting Santa’s visit, but accommodates the shape of treasures tucked inside.  The tighter knit will not stretch to the floor when the first think inside is an orange!

When emptied, that stocking that looked lumpy with presents will return to its original size and shape magically! The magic of 100% wool!

Our loops are strong!

See how our seams match perfectly!

They’ll hold a Santa-filled stocking on the mantle hook all night long! (As long as you were good this year)

Our seams match perfectly

If they don’t, you won’t see the stocking at all!  See that at the right?

Our colors go together!

If you bought a Specialties in Wool stocking in 1984 and added to your collection today, the colors would be pretty darn close—although not actually the same.

The recipe for the color has not changed since 1980. But the sheep used for the yarn change so that changes the color slightly. (Darn those sheep!) So if you have stockings from a variety of years, the dye lots will be different. But the recipe used has not changed ever, so they should all go together nicely .

And that’s saying something when you’re talking about RED!

 Customer service

If you have questions or problems figuring out our order process, you can send us a message or call Marge.  If it’s after 7 am and before 8pm, she’ll answer the phone. If she misses you, leave a number and she’ll call you back. (802) 229-9427