New Stocking Ornaments

Back from long ago!Christmas Stocking ornaments on wreath

Some of you remember our Craft show days!
We couldn’t make enough of these ornaments, and we often have requests to offer more.

So here you go AND we now have a bigger one, too!

The original 3″ stocking ornament!

Christmas stocking ornaments with dates

Perfect for a full collection of family members to hang on the tree, or table settings, teacher gifts, embellishing other gifts (2017 shown at right). Each has a stretchy gold loop for hanging.

Natural or Cranberry, embroidered with one line of your text Date or Name, but just a few letters.

$19.00 Price reduced to $15

And, to accommodate more text, a new 5″ stocking ornament!

Christmas stocking ornaments on a starLarge enough for 3 lines  of embroidered text like

Baby’s First Christmas 2018
or maybe Jim And Sue and their wedding date! (OBVIOUSLY we’d use people you know!)

One line of embroidery
$20.00  Price reduced to $15

Up to 3  lines on 5″ stocking
$23.00  Price reduced to $17

Each comes with a stretchy gold loop for hanging.

See the size difference here

Choose the ornament color and size: (required)


3″ size ($15) 5″ size up to 3 lines of text ($17)

Choose a style for embroidery: (required)

Stocking ornaments can be embroidered in script or block letters, but always in Cranberry

Choose the type style: (required)

Script Style

Script style embroidery
Galant Style

Galant font sample
Typist Style

Typist font

3″ Stockings have one line of text (about 7 or 8 letters)
5″ stockings can have up to 3 lines of text  (about 7 letters per line)

You want the text to be readable on the tree, right?
Tell us what you would like embroidered leaving a * between lines. We’ll call if there’s a problem. ( i.e.  Susan *  8-8-2018)

Finally, if this is a gift, add your gift message here. We’ll hand write a card:

Please be sure that your "Ship to" and "Bill to" addresses in PayPal are correct.
We don't want your stocking to go to the wrong place!


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