Pet Stockings

hattieHave a pet?
It’s gotta have a stocking!

Dogs and cats love the treasures you hide in their stocking!

Get a special stocking just for Fluffy and a “fluffy” ornament for the Christmas tree.
Personalized in English or in “pet-speak.”  That’s WOOF or MEOW, if you didn’t know.

Stockings are hemmed through the borders to prevent snags
… except from excited pets!

18" long | $66. each

Click here to order the sweater-shaped pet ornaments!

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1. Click the radio button to choose.

18″ Cranberry Dog
18″ Kelly Dog
18" Dog Stocking
18″ Cranberry Cat
18″ Kelly Cat18" Cat Stocking

2. Select Personalization Type (required)

up to 7 letters
up to 14 letters
up to 14 letters


All stockings are knit to order.
Script style embroidery new style embroidery Woof
Embroidered Personalization:
Up to 10 letters on 16″ stocking
Up to 14 letters on 22″ stocking
Name for Personalization

4. If this is a gift, add your gift message here and we will hand write a card:

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