How We Personalize Our Christmas Stockings

We have two techniques:
Knitted Names and Embroidered Names

We use the diamond pattern to fill the border when you don’t want a name.

Knitted Names

Embroidered Names

No Name Requested

sample-knit sample-embroider sample-no-name
These names are knit right in as the stocking is being made.
Letters are all capital block letters.
The width of the stockingallows for
up to 8 letters (a few more
if some of the letters are e or i).
Embroidered personalization is stitched onto the stocking after it is knit.

Upper and lower case script letters are used. This type of personalization can accommodate up to 16 letters.

If you don’t specify a  name, we don’t leave a blank, we add this diamond pattern!