See what these stockings look like STUFFED!

Stuffed Christmas Stockings

My mom purchased our first Specialty in Wool Stocking when my daughter was born in 1986, 35 years ago.   She added two more as I had another daughter in 1987 and a son in 1990.

Since than we have added stockings for the three spouses, and more recently I have gotten to order stockings for my grandsons.

This year we will be adding two more to my four previous grandson stockings.

Total stocking count this Christmas will be 12 awesome stockings.  They are such wonderful stockings and I stuff them full every Christmas and they go right back to the perfect shape even the 35-year-old one.  I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful workmanship the wonderful Christmas tradition and  the timeless keepsake.



Stuffed Christmas Stockings