What happens if the stocking is damaged when I get it?

If you receive a stocking and it’s damaged, of COURSE, we’ll replace it as quickly as possible. See our Returns page for instructions.

What if something happens later?

Our wool is vulnerable to moths.

Moths like to eat the residue of food left on the stocking, just like they do on your sweater or hat. So store your stockings carefully.

How to store your Specialties in Wool stockings

After the holidays store your clean stocking in tissue or newsprint.  Never put them in plastic bags! Any moisture in them may condense and make a mess.

When you’re sure they are dry, store wool stockings in a cedar chest or in one of those plastic tubs that seals very tightly.

But if your dog chewed off the toe trying to get to the chocolate Santa left, well…

We think that each stocking that your family has been using has character to it, so replacing it totally just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes I can patch it and then that becomes part of it’s story.

Call me to tell me your tale of woe and let’s see what we can do. (802) 229-9427